Featured artist: Digital Art

Ott Madis Ozolit
photo: © TMW

As a programmer, he creates artificial intelligence, game logic, game mechanics, networking, engine modifications, traffic simulations and more. He has been involved in manufacturing, management, testing, design, user interfaces, marketing, and community management.

Aleksandar Filipov
photo: © Netokracija

Heroes of the Dark is released in November 2021, but it has taken nearly three years to be developed at Gameloft's Sofia office. The designer says that the most difficult thing in the process of work was to create a game with such great potential without neglecting the vision and the goals, which is always a challenge in the creation process of a hybrid product.

Luís Melo
photo: © Luís Melo

Luis works in other media types as well, including illustration for books and book covers, comics, playing cards and commissioned posters. He discovered digital art while still in college and everything changed for him when he joined the illustrator forums. Today Melo continues experimenting with new themes and styles. His artistic philosophy is to create “a visual funk party” where the work flows from a genuine, happy place.


Carlos NCT
photo: ©Carlos NCT

Among his works are several books covers and illustrations for RPG books, gameboards and novels (inside art, miniature designs, and CCG-based card games).

He has also created art for several companies like Lightbox Animation, Animum3D, Farlight Games Industry, DREAMBOX Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Green Ronin, and produced a series of didactic resources and material for Animum3D School, consisting of several illustrations and video lessons about human and animal anatomy.




Florent Juchniewicz
photo: © Florent Juchniewicz

What he really enjoys with this job is the fact that one can quickly try out various ideas: one day you are creating a giant dragon hunt, and one month later, you’re designing pirate ship battles!

When a prototype is released in the stores, the team can see how players react to them and is learning a lot from them. This input is very important because in the end the games are created for them.