Featured artist: Europe

Adam Kelly
photo: ⒸChrisBellew/Fennell Photography

Another interesting manifestation of Adam, in addition to his participation in many prestigious scientific competitions and mathematical Olympiads around the world, is the Joint Study on the absorption of fog in microgravity, including the microgravity program of the National Research Council of Canada.

Adam Kelly is currently a student of mathematics at the University of Cambridge and part of the Evervault encryption infrastructure for developers’ team.

Florent Juchniewicz
photo: © Florent Juchniewicz

What he really enjoys with this job is the fact that one can quickly try out various ideas: one day you are creating a giant dragon hunt, and one month later, you’re designing pirate ship battles!

When a prototype is released in the stores, the team can see how players react to them and is learning a lot from them. This input is very important because in the end the games are created for them.

Julia Ducournau
photo: © Julia Ducournau

At the 2021 Cannes Film Festival she won the Golden Palm for her film Titane, which made her the second female director to win the award, as well as the first to win the award solo. She was also nominated for Best Director at the 75th British Academy Film Awards.

Lara Calleja
photo: © Lara Calleja



Zuzanna Czebatul
photo: © Zuzanna Czebatul

Zuzanna’s practice is always tied to various political discourses.

She believes artists have the obligation to be critical to the prevalent pursuit of nationalist and economic interests and highlight the absurdity of rigidity and intolerance.

Her own works often blur the lines between commercial products, architectural relic and artistic production and turn the gallery space into a dystopian lounge.

photo: ©Måneskin

They created the band as teenagers in 2015 during their high school days in Rome, with Ethan Torchio from nearby Frosinone soon joining them when they were inquiring for a drummer to complete the line-up. And they started busking in Rome, playing at their school, restaurants, and wherever they could get a gig. “In Rome there aren’t many venues for upcoming bands, so it was quite hard,” recounts De Angelis. “That’s why we played a lot on the streets. We really worked hard and spent every day immediately after school rehearsing and never going out anymore with our friends.”

Laurent Bourgeois
photo: ©Shawn Welling

Born on December 6, 1988, in Sarcelles, a suburb of Paris to a family of Caribbean descendants with seventeen children, they shot to fame in 2008 as finalists on the TV show ‘Incroyable Talent’, the French version of ‘Got Talent’. In 2010, a US breakthrough came when a video of their World of Dance performance in San Diego went viral, earning more than 50 million views to date. Shortly after, they went from dancing on the streets of Paris to sharing a stage with Beyoncé as the only male dancers on ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.’