Featured artist: Estonia

Taavi Tillmann
photo: © Erik Prozes, Scanpix

With all this experience it not surprising that Tillmann’s greatest scientific contribution is in the field of public health and prevention. He builds his conclusions on the known facts of science and is confident that the key factors of maintaining good health are sufficient movement and healthy food.

General practitioners can write a prescription for exercising. Policymakers also need to step in and contribute by promoting a car-free commute culture and focusing on planning for motor-free sidewalks and streets.

Ott Madis Ozolit
photo: © TMW

As a programmer, he creates artificial intelligence, game logic, game mechanics, networking, engine modifications, traffic simulations and more. He has been involved in manufacturing, management, testing, design, user interfaces, marketing, and community management.

Oskar Lehemaa
photo: ©Jaan Tootsen

Lehemaa is associated with several film festivals. In 2008–2009 he was responsible for the logistics of film copies at the Sleepwalkers student and short film festival and in 2010 he was the organizer of special events at the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (HÕFF) and was also a member of the jury of the competition program of the Riga International Film Festival 2Annas.

His latest work is Beyond the Dark (2022).



Kaur Riismaa
photo: © Kaur Riismaa

His now six collections of poetry suggest Kaur has a wealth of writing and life experience. As a prose writer he published five novels – Holy Mountain in 2015, a short poetic work called a unique auto-parody and a literary game. His second impressionist novel Gardens of a Blind Man won him the Tänapäev Publishers Novel Competition. His latest Little Ferdinand, 2019 was nominated for the European Union Prize for Literature in 2020. Following are Ostrich, cuckoo, seagull, and his latest novel Snow in Livonia.

Merike Estna
photo: © Tony Solis

Merike has represented Estonia in a series of group exhibitions, among them the Prague biennale, the Biennale of Young Artists in Tallinn, “No Borders” organised by the International Association of Art Critics in Belgium, Greece and Spain, the contemporary Estonian art exhibition in Guangzhou, China and many more, and has won a number of international prizes. 

photo: © YASMYN

The Tallin-based artist’s next EP Illusions is a balance between R&B and soul-pop. It is considered darker, more feminine, yet vigorous and more experimental than her previous work.

In December 2020, she released How Much, a lush urban-jazz contemporary ballad that serves as the first single from her latest album YASMYN, out in spring 2021.

The track comes in collaboration with Estonian label TIKS Rekords and follows the artist’s successful transition to a more indie-soul image. 

Yasmyn is an exciting persona.

Karolin Poska
photo: ©Karolin Poska

Karolin Poska’s first solo performance “Thank you, you are welcome, THANK YOU, you are welcome, thank you” was presented both in Estonia and internationally. Her work "Fibers of Restrictions or Cooperation with Restrictions?" staged in the Alexela Concert Hall brought her the Young Artist Award. According to the jury, the performance was very personal and powerful, featuring a soul-touching and empowering discussion between the spectator and the performer who are distanced from each other.