Featured artist: Spain

Карла Каро Биянова
photo: ©️ EUCYS2021

I believe young women should be encouraged to get involved in STEM from a very early age without making a distinction between them and their male counterparts, Carla says. It is very important to give visibility to women in science and recognise their work to inspire and encourage them. They have the same capacity to reach their goals in research.

Carlos NCT
photo: ©Carlos NCT

Among his works are several books covers and illustrations for RPG books, gameboards and novels (inside art, miniature designs, and CCG-based card games).

He has also created art for several companies like Lightbox Animation, Animum3D, Farlight Games Industry, DREAMBOX Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Green Ronin, and produced a series of didactic resources and material for Animum3D School, consisting of several illustrations and video lessons about human and animal anatomy.




Alberto Gracia
photo: © Alberto Gracia

Alberto says he does not like documentary, because it is a bit closer to propaganda than it is to essence of the cinematic image, but neither he likes the Hollywood-like tendency to have a closed script. For him, film is torn between truth and fiction.

The paradox of the visual era is that when everything is an image, the sound is in charge, which is what is really fascinating. This keeps you riveted to the exile of the image, he says.

Andrea Abreu
photo: © Andrea Abreu

The language of 'Panza de burro' has a lot to do with recognizing the importance of using my own variant of Spanish in writing, Andrea explains. But beyond 'Panza de burro', we are dealing with a writer who had already shown her potential thanks to publications such as 'Woman without eyelids', of narrative poetry, or 'Primavera que sangra'. Born in Tenerife, Canary Islands, she has been distinguished among the best 25 young narrators of current Spanish literature by the prestigious literary magazine Granta.

photo: © Dulk

At present Dulk switches between urban art, drawing, painting, sculpture and advertising and each of these media is a challenge he takes with eagerness and imagination. He participated in a lot of group shows around the world in cities as Vancouver, Miami, New York, Brussels, Paris or Chicago. Urban art and mural painting are perhaps what he is most famous for, as well as the expression of his strong ecological conviction to defend ecosystems and the most vulnerable species.

Rels B
photo: © Rels B

Rels B’s style resounds a variety of international influences from trap and reggaeton to funky Latin soul and Spanish folk styles and rock & roll. After a series of popular singles, he issued his debut album “Player Hater” in 2015. With “Boys Don't Cry” Daniel capitalized on his success and entered the Spanish charts at number 12. One thing that makes him recognizable is his very personal lyrics that imply his life experience, inviting the audience to relate. 

Marta Gálvez

The next year she added to her background a degree in Pedagogy of Spanish Dance and Flamenco from the María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory where she studied with legendary Spanish dancers. An impressive performer, Marta’s talent has numerous expressions. She teaches at the Villa de Móstoles Cultural Center and at the Factory Ballet school, works with María Pagés Cía, with the José Porcel Flamenco Ballet, with David Coria Cía and Mercedes de Córdoba Cía, and is a visiting artist in many theatres and festivals round the world.