Write a wish card to yourself

At the beginning of each new year, we usually make ourselves a myriad of promises, which we completely forget about later. Sounds familiar? Do you want your future Me to read these promises?

Promise yourself something, write down this wish and our campaign team will send it back to you at the right time. And you can win a prize, too! 

Do you want to know what other people wish for themselves? All promises will be published on the site anonymously and can be viewed in Gallery of wish cards.

Well, what is your better Me?


1 .Make a promise to yourself by writing a wish in the contact form. You could make your wish card beautiful by chosing background, typeface and color of the text.

2. Insert a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you, if you win a prize.

Send your wish to us. The prizes are waiting to be won!

Every participant can make more than one wish. Each wish should be unique. You can write your promises in Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Estonian or in English.


Eligible for participation is everyone living on the territory of Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Estonia age 15 to 24 years.

For underage participants (15-17 years)

Underage participants (under 18 years of age) are allowed in the game through their parents or legal guardians. IF someone under 18 wins a prize, she or he will need parents’ approval to receive it. The approval is needed within three days of announcing the winners and their notification. All rules must be respected. Failure to respect will automatically exclude you from the game!


  • First place: Sony wireless headphones

There are also few smaller prizes that will be awarded in a lottery.

The winners’ names will be announced both on this website and in the social media profiles. 

No participation with fake profiles to boost the chances will be allowed. Any suspicion of infringement will lead to disqualification of participants.


28 January till 1 June 2022