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Misuse of e-commerce for trade in counterfeits – joint OECD-EUIPO study

Following spectacular growth over the past decade, which accelerated during the COVID‑19 pandemic, e‑commerce is now becoming a key platform for consumers in developed countries to buy counterfeit goods. In some countries, seizures of counterfeits from e‑commerce purchases represent the vast majority of all counterfeit seizures. COVID-19 has intensified the problem with criminal networks reacting very quickly to the crisis and adapting their strategies to take advantage of the shifting landscape.

Navigating the legal and ethical minefield of data use

A new platform helps researchers and ICT professionals navigate the maze of ethical and legal issues around using data for developing new applications.

Growing use of artificial intelligence and other technologies using big data poses new legal and ethical compliance concerns for researchers and ICT personnel attempting to keep up with new regulations on data protection, privacy and security.

Braille e-book concept makes online reading more accessible

Texts can be downloaded from a range of sources for translation into Braille

Russian engineering student Aleksei Rezepov’s Braille e-book concept is a national finalist in the 2021 James Dyson Award. The book allows people with limited or no sight to read a range of online materials without depending on audio translations. Audio options are generally limited to a small range of content and simply don’t work for people with multiple disabilities.  

A lamp that turns air pollution data into art

The lamp can transform data about local air quality into unique lighting patterns

Air pollution has been called an invisible killer – it is everywhere, but often impossible to see. Now, Brussels-based designer Guillaume Slizewicz has devised a way of making air pollution visible by creating a lamp that turns data about local pollution levels into unique light patterns. The idea is to both provide information about pollution and to highlight the need to act on rising air pollution levels.