Featured artist: Portugal

Ana João Rodrigues
photo: maisguimaraes.png

Having obtained international experience in a few leading laboratories in the US and Europe (Holland, Portugal, Italy and Finland) Ana is currently the Team leader and Assistant Professor to the ICVS/School of Medicine, University of Minho.

Luís Melo
photo: © Luís Melo

Luis works in other media types as well, including illustration for books and book covers, comics, playing cards and commissioned posters. He discovered digital art while still in college and everything changed for him when he joined the illustrator forums. Today Melo continues experimenting with new themes and styles. His artistic philosophy is to create “a visual funk party” where the work flows from a genuine, happy place.


Joana de Sousa
photo: © coffeepaste

With this background she attracted the attention of numerous festivals. Joana worked as a producer in two editions of Queer Lisboa, the International Queer Film Festival. Her first short film, Bétail (2014), was selected by international festivals in Portugal, Finland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, France and Korea, being awarded at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival and Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival.

Afonso Reis Cabral
photo: © João Pedro Félix

His next book "Pão de Açúcar" is based on a real case that shook Portugal in February 2006. A group of youths from a home in Porto nearly beat a seriously ill Brazilian transgender woman to death and threw her surviving body into the waterhole of a ruined building.

Ten years later, Afonso Cabral found an article about the horrific murder and decided to follow it. From the point of view of 12-year-old Rafael, Cabral tells a highly exciting story that takes place on the fringes of Portuguese society.

Bordalo II
photo: © Bordalo II

You will see a giant owl split in half on the façade of the College of Arts at the University of Coimbra – just one work of the “Big Trash Animals – Neutral” series, which Bordalo uses to attract attention to the climate change problem and the sustainability goal. 

Bordalo`s artwork shows the destruction and beauty in nature itself. He says: “I think that art is a very powerful tool to achieve this.” His work has been exhibited all over the world in New York, Tel Aviv, Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin just to name a few cities”.

© Sara Tavares
photo: © Sara Tavares

Her third album Balance reached worldwide fame, disclosed her unique sensibility, and blended the sounds of Europe and Africa. For it, Tavares was nominated a New Artist for BBC World Music Awards in 2007.

Two years later followed Xinti and in 2017 Fitxadu that increased the electronic and urban sound and was nominated for Grammy Lations.

Sara Tavares won the award for Best Female Voice at the Cape Verde Music Awards in 2011. 

Ana Isabel Castro
photo: ©Marengo, portuguese platform

Ana Isabel Castro’s dance is informed by stories and her memory and imagination. We do not know if the events she relates are real or belong to someone else’s story, since they fall between myth and reality, between lies and truth. Marengo, Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous horse, is a baroque allegory of her elegant private world. The performance mixed classic and baroque, lyrical and contemporary, visible and invisible, ingenuity and provocation, history and memory and a variety of interpretations.