Featured artist: Science

Taavi Tillmann
photo: © Erik Prozes, Scanpix

With all this experience it not surprising that Tillmann’s greatest scientific contribution is in the field of public health and prevention. He builds his conclusions on the known facts of science and is confident that the key factors of maintaining good health are sufficient movement and healthy food.

General practitioners can write a prescription for exercising. Policymakers also need to step in and contribute by promoting a car-free commute culture and focusing on planning for motor-free sidewalks and streets.

Теодор Кирилов
photo: EUCYS

Although still very young, from the position of his experience Teodor advises those younger than him, who are eager to do science in Bulgaria: 

If they are interested in doing scientific research, they should contact scientific institutions that offer projects to work on. And many institutes will not refuse to involve them. They should have the courage to deal with this type of development.

Ana João Rodrigues
photo: maisguimaraes.png

Having obtained international experience in a few leading laboratories in the US and Europe (Holland, Portugal, Italy and Finland) Ana is currently the Team leader and Assistant Professor to the ICVS/School of Medicine, University of Minho.

Карла Каро Биянова
photo: ©️ EUCYS2021

I believe young women should be encouraged to get involved in STEM from a very early age without making a distinction between them and their male counterparts, Carla says. It is very important to give visibility to women in science and recognise their work to inspire and encourage them. They have the same capacity to reach their goals in research.

Adam Kelly
photo: ⒸChrisBellew/Fennell Photography

Another interesting manifestation of Adam, in addition to his participation in many prestigious scientific competitions and mathematical Olympiads around the world, is the Joint Study on the absorption of fog in microgravity, including the microgravity program of the National Research Council of Canada.

Adam Kelly is currently a student of mathematics at the University of Cambridge and part of the Evervault encryption infrastructure for developers’ team.