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2023 Women's Day statement

Computer woman
photo: chenspec, on Pixabay

This year's theme for the International Women’s Day is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.” Intellectual Property (IP) offices and organizations around the globe are coming together to support diversity within our offices and organizations and across the IP system.

DesignEuropa 2023 call still open

2023 DesignEuropa Ad
photo: DesignEuropa

DesignEuropa 2023 call is open till 10 March 2023.

The DesignEuropa Awards celebrate excellence in design and design management among holders of Registered Community Designs (RCDs). Organised every two years by the EUIPO, the awards are divided into three categories:

  • The Industry Award
  • The Small and Emerging Companies Award
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award

Applications for the Industry Award and the Small and Emerging Company Award

Does the law protect cultural heritage

photo: pieroor, Pixabay

By Eleonora Rosati

When you travel to France, the Eiffel Tower in Paris will be one of the key sites to visit; when you think of Italy, one of that country’s symbols is Michelangelo’s David; as you enjoy the sun setting down in the Spanish city of Logroño, you may well order some Chorizo Riojano to go with your glass of Rioja wine; when you stroll down the streets of Copenhagen, you will admire the beautiful furniture and the distinctive Scandinavian design style on display in local stores.

Beewise: out-of-the-box thinking to save the world’s bees

Bees are the most important pollinators in the insect world and play a central role in ensuring the global food supply. Without pollination, many plants cannot reproduce. Saar Safra, CEO of Israeli start-up Beewise, is on a mission to save bees − and at scale − using artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and robotics. Mr. Safra explains how Beewise’s high-tech solution is helping to save the world’s bees.

Copyright infringement in AI art

Starry night - digital
photo: GDJ
AI is trained on data, in the case of graphic tools such as Imagen, Stable Diffusion, DALL·E, and MidJourney, the training sets consist of terabytes of images comprising photographs, paintings, drawings, logos, and anything else with a graphical representation. The complaint by some artists is that these models (and accompanying commercialisation) are being built on the backs of human artists, photographers, and designers, who are not seeing any benefit from these business models. The language gets very animated in some forums and chats rooms, often using terms such as “theft” and “exploitation”. So is this copyright infringement? Are OpenAI and Google about to get sued by artists and photographers from around the world?

The new API platform and EUTM filing

Online platform
photo: manfredsteger, Pixabay

From Monday 1 August, a new application programming interface (API) platform as well as a new and improved EU trade mark (EUTM) filing form are available for all customers.

Both tools are key milestones in the ongoing modernisation of the EUIPO’s digital services and take into consideration the input received from customers. The Strategic Plan 2025 commits to developing innovative tools and services using next-generation technologies.

API platform