Second legal graffiti art wall opened in Tallinn

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In May 2022, the first legal graffiti wall was opened on a concrete wall of the Pärnu Highway viaduct. On 15 July, experienced artists and young art lovers also covered the old wall at 2 Paljassaare Road, Tallinn, with their art.

The legal graffiti wall opened on Paljassaare Road shows that graffiti is still popular among youth and there is a demand for places where young artists can showcase their creativity,” said Tiit Terik. “There is a great difference between graphic art and simple doodles; creating these kinds of opportunities for artists will hopefully decrease drawings on public and private property in the city.

The legal graffiti wall is open to everybody at all times. The wall provides a canvas for practice and self-expression for both those trying graffiti for the first time as well as experienced street artists. The legal graffiti wall does not set creative boundaries and encourages the expression of individual opinions. The average legal wall works in a way that allows artists to draw over previously made art. The user guidelines can be read on location.

According to Põhja-Tallinn District Elder Manuela Pihlap, the region has had great success in cooperating with street artists for the past two years. “Our experiences thus far show that interest in street art is growing among youth,” said Pihlap. “The legal wall provides an additional opportunity for expression, and I hope that it reduces drawings in places where they might bother other citizens.”

The idea to create a legal graffiti wall was started by the youth work wing of the Tallinn Education Department along with Põhja-Tallinn District Administration and Hundipea OÜ.