The Girl With a Pearl Earring’s Lavish Jewel May Be a Fake

The Girl With the Pearl Earring
photo: Pixabay, Ellen26

What's happening under the surface of the Dutch painter's canvases offers insights into his enigmatic oeuvre.

The Sphinx of Delft is a fitting moniker for Johannes Vermeer, the 17th-century Dutch artist about whom, despite his wild fame, so little is actually known. His oeuvre was small—only 36 extant works are known or agreed upon— but over the course of the centuries intervening since his death in 1675, it has sparked seemingly boundless fascination, speculation, and analysis.

EUIPO: 6.8% of EU imports are counterfeits

  • Counterfeit products can pose serious health and safety risks
  • 6.8% of EU imports – worth EUR 121 billion – are counterfeits
  • EUR 4 billion worth of counterfeit pharmaceuticals are traded worldwide

According to the study European Citizens and Intellectual Property (IP) carried out by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, consumers still find it hard to distinguish between genuine and fake goods.