IP at Events

IP at Events

26 April – World Intellectual Property Day

We celebrated 26 April, the World Intellectual Property Day in an untraditional way that allowed us to reach you at your home without you having to leave it.

We asked you what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “intellectual property” and we received over 180 diverse, expected and unexpected and creative answers. Some of you associate it with works of art, creations of the human mind, music, patents, ideas, others with copyright, inventions, know-how, plagiarism or something no one can take away from you...

The game ran parallel in the campaign two social profiles in Facebook and Instagram.

We drew randomly three names from all the associations received in the two profiles: Vicky Radeva for whom intellectual property associates with “erudition”, Tihomir Todorov who chose “patent” and Hristina Ivanova who associates it with “protection”. Congratulation to the winners who won our awards.

We thank all the participants!

An online event dedicated to the World Counterfeiting Day, 10 June

This year the World Counterfeiting Day coincided with the National Holiday of Portugal, “Dia de Portugal”. Therefore, we decided to celebrate it in a non-traditional way that allowed us to reach you with no need for anyone to leave their homes. We asked our Portuguese audience what intellectual property means to them in one word and we received more than 50 creative ideas. In your interpretation intellectual property is knowledge, rights, intellect, wisdom, protection, innovations...

The game was organized parallel in the campaign's two social profiles in Facebook and Instagram.

We drew randomly from all the received suggestions in the two social profiles the names of Juliana Pereira and Joao Belo who associate intellectual property with "innovations" Filipa Santos, who choose "learning",  Joana Ferro - "prosperity", Emanuel Castro – "rights" and Ana Lúcia Jesus Engenheiro – "intellect".

Online event dedicated to Antoni Gaudi’s anniversary

On 25th July we celebrated the anniversary of the genius Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi together with our Spanish audience, asking what intellectual property means to them.

The Spanish associated the “intellectual property” phrase with invention, intellect and untouchable. 

The online event was held in the two social profiles – in Facebook and Instagram of the campaign. 

Congratulations to our winners Ana Moreno, Sonia Ortega and Malena Sevilla!