Misuse of e-commerce for trade in counterfeits – joint OECD-EUIPO study

Following spectacular growth over the past decade, which accelerated during the COVID‑19 pandemic, e‑commerce is now becoming a key platform for consumers in developed countries to buy counterfeit goods. In some countries, seizures of counterfeits from e‑commerce purchases represent the vast majority of all counterfeit seizures. COVID-19 has intensified the problem with criminal networks reacting very quickly to the crisis and adapting their strategies to take advantage of the shifting landscape.

Wearable Air Purifier Provides an Alternative to Ordinary Face Masks

Respiray has provided a 21st century upgrade to the ordinary face mask by using UV technology and knowledge of breathing thermodynamics, to create a solution that is safe, social and sustainable

Estonian research and development company Respiray has developed a wearable air purifier that uses UV-C light to inactivate harmful airborne pathogens and disinfects air without covering a wearer’s face or restricting breathing. 

Patents are not an obstacle to ramp up COVID-19 vaccines production, EU says

The European Commission aims to ramp up production of COVID-19 vaccines through “voluntary” sharing of know-how among pharma companies, EU sources said, emphasising that patents are not an obstacle to do that.

“What is most needed now, beyond developing vaccines, is the ramping up of manufacturing of vaccines,” said a source at the European Commission, which coordinates the joint purchase of vaccines at EU level.